Skábmagovat Film Festival aims to honor indigenous films, provide unforgettable festival experiences, act as a meeting place for different people and cultures and raise awareness of the Arctic and Sámi culture.


The main goal of the festival is to create standing ground to present indigenous films globally. In Skábmagovat, festival guests are given a chance to see cinematic art that is hardly seen in mainstream media. This makes Skábmagovat important especially for the distribution of Sámi film production. The festival has established international visitor base from film-industry and other festival organisations looking for new and unique productions for their needs.


The festival brings people together and through films the audience has an opportunity to explore different cultures. Cinema is a great way to share information, emotions, attitudes, worldviews, challenges, solutions and picture of the times in relation to cultures. Skábmagovat wants to show its audience why defending indigenous peoples’ cultures and regions is worthy and important. The festival also strengthens the relations, cooperation, interaction, understanding and cohesion between indigenous people.


With its uniqueness, Skábmagovat offers a holistic festival experience. The special environment and venues, high-quality films and interesting side events will surely stick in the mind of festival guests!