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Finland, 2019, 4 min.

Director: Arttu Nieminen

Language: – 

A neurocinematic dive into surreal prophecy, where awareness of mankind reaches to the heavens.


Nuorgamista 10 kilometriä tunturiin / The River Runs Through Me: A Sami Poet

Finland, 2018, 30 min.

Director/Screenwriter/Producer: Anne Lintujärvi

Languages: Sámi; subt. Finnish/English

Sámi poet Inger-Mari Aikio talks about writing and the importance of language for one’s identity, but also about sexuality and womanhood. The documentary is the director’s diploma work in Documentary Studies at the Voionmaa Institute.

Finnish premiere.



Finland, 2019, 29 min. 

Director: Maria Seppälä

Screenwriters: Katja Kettu, Maria Seppälä

Languages: English, Ojibwa, Finnish; subt. Finnish

The descendants of Finnish immigrants and the Ojibwa nation live in the region of the Great Lakes in the United States, forgotten – but strong – in reservations and remote places. Both American Finnish, Finnish and Ojibwa customs are present in the everyday lives of families there. The director has published a book called Fintiaanien mailla (2016; “In Finndian Country”) together with the author Katja Kettu and the photographer Meeri Koutaniemi.