I’ve been thinking about this issue of storytelling ethics. What responsibilities do we carry when we share story? To whom or what are we accountable? Ultimately, in its simplest form, story is about relationships. The same can be said about sovereignty. Both story and sovereignty are an action, a gesture of relationship to the land, to the water, to each other, to our non-human relations, to our ancestors, and to generations to come. The relationship between story and sovereignty is one that is upheld by a rich history of cultural and legal protocols distinct to our various nations as Indigenous peoples. So, what responsibilities do we carry when we share story?      -Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers


We welcome you to watch the greeting from our artistic director Jorma Lehtola from (Sápmi/Finland).


Thoughts from our close and long-time supporter and partner from International Sámi Film Institute; Film consultant, Liisa Holmberg from (Sápmi/Finland/Norway)


Speeches from two award-winning, strong and great female filmmakers. Both have won and been nominated for awards for several international film festivals:


Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, from (Canada/Norway). Winner of the 2020 Skábmagovat honorary award.


Márjá & Ingir Bål Nango, (Sápmi/Norway), whose films will be screened this year at Skábmagovat.


The greeting of our close and long-time partner from, Founder, Director and Producer of the Maoriland Film Festival Libby Hakaraia, (Aotearoa).