Aotearoa/New Zealand, 2019, 5 min. 

Directors: Alex Lazarowich (Cree), Lada Suomenrinne (Sámi), Raymond Edwards (Te Whakatohea/Ngāti Raukawa) 

Languages: Māori; subt. English

The kauri trees of New Zealand are about to die of diseases as a result of forceful immigration. The documentary reminds us of the influence society has on other living beings such as trees, oceans, animals and land. The film was produced as part of the Native Slam challenge of the Māoriland Film Festival.


Ushui, la luna y el trueno / Ushui, the Moon and the Sun

Colombia, 2018, 72 min.

Director: Rafael Mojica Gil (Wiwa) 

Producers: Juan Mojica Gil (Wiwa), Pablo Mora Calderón (Wiwa), Saúl Gil Nakoguí (Wiwa), Fundación Natibo (Wiwa), José Gregorio Rodríguez (Wiwa) 

Languages: Damana; subt. English

The Wiwa of Sierra Nevada are using the camera to show the world the damage humans are inflicting on nature. A group of women whose mission is to safeguard nature’s seeds ask the Saga people to convey the message. Their wisdom is handed down from generation to generation through song in the Ushui, a sacred house. They have to decide whether to keep ancestral knowledge in their community or to open it to the modern world for a greater good.