Sámi Film Database

The Sámi Film Database is a database run by the Friends of Sámi Art (SDDS). It contains information on Sámi films and TV productions (feature and short films, animations, documentaries and TV series). In this database, a production is considered as a Sámi production if the central filmmakers (for example, the director, producer or screenwriter) of the production include Sámi.

The productions have been catalogued – as in other film databases – by the film-makers and the titles of the films. There is also a short introductory text on each production. The database also contains an index term search; this makes it possible for you to search for productions dealing with themes that are of special interest to you. The Index Term Search is especially useful for researchers and others interested in Sámi culture. Most of the information of the database is available in Finnish, Sámi and English. Hopefully, the database will make it easier for Sámi productions to enter international festivals and become part of the programme supply all over the world.

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The Friends of Sámi Art

The Friends of Sámi Art (Sámi Dáidaga Doarjjasearvi, SDDS) is an association which aims at making Sámi art known for the public. From 1999 on, the association has arranged the Skábmagovat – Indigenous Peoples’ Film and TV Production Festival. The festival, which takes place at the end of January, presents Sámi and other indigenous film productions.

The Friends of Sámi Art arranges diverse media workshops for children and the young and produces short films made by them. In 1996–98, the association also produced the multimedia artwork Biekka Eallin (“The Life of the Wind”), coproduced the TV program Olbmo Dolggit (“Human Feathers”), made the CD ROM Govadas (“Drum Figures”) and the textbook Biekka Eallin on Sámi art.

The membership of the association consists mainly of Sámi who want to make Sámi and indigenous art known and more available for the public, as well as promote research and education related to it.