Sukaskieskwew / Strong Earth Woman

Canada, 2019, 5 min.

Director/Screenwriter: Madelaine McCallum (Cree/Métis)

Languages: English

A film about a healing journey of confronting, embracing and releasing illness with love.

European premiere.



Aotearoa/New Zealand, 2019, 7 min.

Directors: Tihini Grant (Māori), Tristin Greyeyes (Cree), Alika Maikau (Kanaka Maoli/Hawaii)

Producer: Libby Hakaraia (Ngāti Raukawa/Ngāti Toa RaNgatira/Te Ati Awa)

Languages: English, Māori; subt. English

In keeping with her family tradition, a young Māori girl is unduly pressed by her father to receive her moko kauae (chin tattoo). She is the last in her nana’s lineage. As she wrestles with her doubt and the weight of her responsibility, she questions the impact of her decision to uphold the family’s legacy.


Река / River

Sakha/Russia, 2019, 20 min. 

Director/Screenwriter: Dmitrii Davydov (Sakha)

Producer: Sardana Savvina (Sakha)

Languages: Yakut; subt. English

Two teenage brothers are left with their grandfather after the parents die in a car accident. The younger brother is bound to a wheelchair. Pressed down by responsibility, the older brother tries to get him back on his feet and decides to help him in an unusual way.

Nordic premiere. 


Ho Mamma e dau for hælvete 

Sápmi/Norway, 2019, 14 min. 

Director: Per Ivar Jensen 

Languages: Norwegian; subt. English 

The family is brought together by the mother’s death. Being in conflict over Sámi identity, they almost reach the point of breaking before they understand the meaning of accepting and rejecting a culture. 


Ngā Koekoeā

Aotearoa/New Zealand, 2019, 9 min. 

Directors: Joshua Teariki Baker (Cook Islands), Chaplin Hall (Kanaka Maoli), Jamiee Poipoi (Ngāti Kahungunu) 

Producer: Libby Hakaraia (Ngāti Raukawa/Ngāti Toa RaNgatira/Te Ati Awa) 

Languages: English 

On a bad day, a young Māori girl meets Shaniqua, who inspires her to be strong and herself with no regrets or shame. 


Spirit Glitch

Canada, 2019, 8 min.

Director/Screenwriter: Mary Galloway (Cowichan) 

Producers: Greg Delmage, Mary Galloway (Cowichan), Annette Reilly, Patrick Sabongui 

Languages: English 

Alice is spiralling into a pit of despair and anxiety. She must summon every ounce of her willpower to push back at the negativity that threatens to eat away at her; she needs to find the strength to face another day. 



Aotearoa/New Zealand, 2019, 17 min. 

Director/Screenwriter: Becs Arahanga (Kai Tahu/Ngāti Raukawa) 

Producer: Kath Akuhata-Brown (Ngāti Porou), Sharlene George (Rarotonga/Tahiti) 

Languages: Māori; subt. English

Through her initiation ceremony, the young Māori girl Hinekura says goodbye to her childhood. She starts to study warrior skills with Te Haeata as her mentor. Then Wairangi, an unhinged warrior, tries to abduct Hinekura’s sister. Fighting him, Hinekura comes to accept her role as a protector of her people.