About the festival 


Skábmagovat – Reflections of the Endless Night is an Iindigenous Peoples’ Film Festival which is held in January in Inari, Finland, 320 kilometres (200 miles) north of the Arctic Circle. The main organizer is the Sámi cultural association The Friends of Sámi Art (Saamelaistaiteen Tukiyhdistys); the main partners are Inari Sámi Museum, the Sámi Parliament of Finland and the Sámi Education Institute in Inari. 

Literally, the festival takes place in the midst of Sámi culture. Within a distance of one kilometre, there are the Finnish Sámi Parliament Sámediggi, the Sámi Museum and Nature Center Siida, the Sámi cultural centre Sajos, the Sámi vocational school Sogsakk, the Sámi handicraft centre Sámi Duodji and the Sámi Radio of Finland.


The films are shown in the new Sámi cultural centre Sajos, in the Sámi Museum Siida and in the trademark of the festival, the open-air Northern Lights Theatre – a theater made completely of snow, the screen included. The moon, the stars and the possible aurora borealis are included in the ticket. The coolest shows have taken place in approximately –30˚C (–86˚F).




What are we looking for? 

The focus of the program at the Skábmagovat Festival is on films which have made by indigenous peoples, one of these three key person; director, producer or screenwriter should have a indigenous backround. The films are shown in their original language and with English subtitles. 

Participation fee

Skábmagovat does not collect a submission or participation fee. 


Films must be made available for the organizers by the end of September. The applicant must fill our online submission form in which the information on how to deliver the film is found and send us also the full press kit of the film and filmmaker. For each film, a separate form must be filled. 


We will notify the filmmakers of the films that are selected for the program in early December (approximate date 2021/12/3). A screening copy of each film accepted must be made available for the organizers by the 10th of December. 


DVD’s, Blu-Rays and other physical copies’ delivery address
Skábmagovat Film Festival
Art Director Jorma Lehtola
Hämeentie 95 B 29
00550 Helsinki

Att! DVD’s are not returned. Other formats will be returned, if sent with return envelope with address.

For deliveries out of Finland, mark the envelop with FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES - FESTIVAL PREVIEW ONLY - NO COMMERCIAL VALUE. Value the package max 5€ (USD 7). Festival will not purchase good from customs.