Skábmagovat gathers indigenous movies @ Inari for the 24th time

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Skábmagovat is an indigenous film festival, that is being produced for the 24th time @ Inari. It makes the festival one of the oldest ones of its kind in the whole world.

Skábmagovat will happen 27.1-30.1.2022 @ Inari and also as an online festival. The festival offers an arena for indigenous movies, unforgettable movie experiences for every taste and a natural surrounding where different cultures can meet.

Unique movie moments will be seen throughout the whole weekend from morning to evening @ Inari in the Sami cultural center Sajos and in the snow movie theater – The Aurora theater. Unlike in the last years, this year all the events and movie acts will be seen in Sajos since Siida is under renovation.

At the center of the festival there is the indigenous and especially Sami movies. On top of these there will be many side events like workshops, discussion panels and concerts. This year the theme is the Pacific Ocean indigenous tribes and Community which will be presented in the movies and in the discussion and their themes.

Skábmagovat has established itself amongst the festival guests who are friends of indigenous movies, indigenous representatives and professionals from the movie industry both from close and afar.

This year we get to have a physical festival and also an online festival for those who cannot travel to Inari. Single movies and also collections of shot films can be rented online @ our onlineplatform and see livestreams of the event.

With the new moviepass you can ensure your place in each movie for the whole weekend and you can buy them already @ Single movie tickets for different acts will be available by 1.1.2022

All tickets for all acts will be available @ and during the event @ Sajos – if there is any spots available.

More information from our main producer:
Diinu Bouras Ohvo
Festival producer