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SKÁBMAGOVAT 2022 was an online festival from 27 January to 6 February.

15 screens, 54 movies, 10 days.

Watch when it suits you the best.


Those who have purchased a ticket through Tiketti, can return their ticket until March 12, 2022 here.


The Festival takes place at three venues: the Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida, the Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos, and the Northern Lights Theatre made of snow.


The Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos is the parliament house of the Finnish Sámi as well as a cultural, educational and competence centre. It is the symbol of Sámi self-government and a living, evolving Sámi culture, and its primary purpose is to foster traditional culture and develop and renew Sámi social life. 

The auditorium Dolla in Sajos has 250 seats, and in addition, the Festival can use the parliament hall Solju and the multipurpose hall Dollagáddi.

Dolla | screenings, concerts


Solju | screenings, discussions

Dollagáddi | Skábma Club

The building has an info point and a ticket office,
cafe Čaiju, and accessible toilet facilites.

Further information:


The Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida is located near Sajos. For more than twenty years, Siidas exhibitions and events have offered information on the ancient and the living Sámi culture and Arctic nature.

Siida has a 80-seat auditorium, an info point and a ticket office, and cafe-restaurant Sarrit.

Further information:


NOTE! Because of Siidas renovation project, the Northern Lights Theatre is located in the vicinity of Sajos for the 2022 Festival.

The Northern Lights Theatre is the best-known and the most stunning trademark of the Festival: an open-air theatre of 150 seats that is completely made of snow. It is situated in the midst of a forest on the historically valuable premises of Siidas Open-Air Museum.

The path, lit by ice lanterns, leading to the theatre through a protected area of ancient monuments provides the audience a peaceful, meditative experience before a magic film night under the starry Arctic sky. The moon, the stars and the possible aurora borealis are included in the ticket.

At best, the temperature at the screenings has gone down to –30 ˚C (–86 ˚F). The Festival offers the spectators reindeer hides on which to sit on the snow benches, but remember to take the unique conditions into consideration when choosing what to wear to a screening.

Skábmagovat is literally the worlds coolest festival.


Airport is situated in Ivalo, 50 km from Inari.

Airport transportation to Inari can be booked in advance.

You can also take a taxi from the airport to Ivalo (10 km) and then continue by bus to Inari (40 km).

Buses run from Rovaniemi and Ivalo to Inari three times a day.

The railway station is in Rovaniemi, with a connection to the bus to Inari (330 km).


In Inari village you can find accommodation and restaurants, two grocery stores and a gas station, among other companies in your service. During the festival, Inari’s hotels are usually fully booked, so make sure you do your reservation well in advance. Please take a note, the public transportation within the area is limited. 

Hotel Inari & Restaurant Aurora 
Hotel Kultahovi & Restaurant Aanaar 

Hotel Wilderness Inari & Restaurant

Youth and Holiday Centre Vasatokka 

Regarding other activities in the area, please reach out these: 

Visit Inari 

Inari Wilderness Hotel

Other services:

Neste Inari | gas station
K-Market Inari |  grocery store & ATM
Papana bar | local bistro bar
Sale Inari | grocery store




Diinu Bouras Ohvo
Head producer
+358 44 9291 255

Tarja Porsanger
Film Centre Skábma / Planner (Children’s and Young People’s Day)
+358 50 5696 065


Jorma Lehtola
Artistic Director (film programme)
+358 50 4144 349


Minna Lipponen
Project Manager
Visuálalaš Sápmi Project
+358 45 7833 5857


Skábmagovat / Saamelaistaiteen tuki ry.
mi Cultural Centre Sajos 
Menesjärventie 299870 Inari