Film festival Skábmagovat renews its look to the 2020s and opens a logo competition!

The Friends of Sámi Art as is renewing Skábmagovat – Indigenous Peoples’ Film Festival’s logo and now opening a logo competition for Sámi artists. The new logo is intended to update the festival’s look to the 2020s.

Trought competition the organisation is looking for a new logo that reflects the uniqueness of the festival. Festival aims to honor indigenous films, provide rich festival experiences to all tastes, serve meeting place for different people and raise awareness of the Arctic and Sámi culture. Contestants are encouraged to use their own artistic eye and creativity in designing the logo for the festival.

The logo must work in both digital and printed format, in both small and large sizes, and in both color and black and white. The logo shall content wording “Skábmagovat”. The logo proposal may also include a font recommendation for use in other texts in connection with the logo.

The logo must be sent before 17th November at 11:59pm via email The message must  include the author’s name, email address and phone number. The designer can also describe how the logo reflects the festival. The winner will be chosen in the end of November and after that logo can still be fixed together with the artist.

The prize of the competition is 500 euros or a festival package including access to all festival screenings and other official activities, food tickets, accommodation for the entire weekend and a few free tickets to share with friends.

Further information:

Taru Arrela, producer

+358 40 1911 621 / 

The Indigenous Peoples’ Film Festival Skábmagovat will take place in Inari, Finland, from 23 to 26 January 2020. The festival is arranged for the 22nd time, which makes it one of the oldest indigenous film festivals in the world. The screenings will be held at the Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida, the Cultural Centre Sajos and the Northern Lights Theatre, the special venue of the festival where films will be screened outdoors in a snow theatre. In 2020, the festival focuses on the connection to land, and the programme consists of both Sámi films and especially South American indigenous films. The new decade will be celebrated through the cinema but also through the art of dancing. Further information on the festival is available at